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Default Custom Water/Lighting CAW (need help)
Hey, I am trying to make my own world. I have done it once before but it kinda stunk lol so now I am trying to make my dream world
Problem: I want to have tropical water like in sunlit tides and a more realistic sky. But I can't figure out how to do it so I can see it all in CAW. I tried to download a burntwaffles mod but the only one I wanted is blocked and you can't download it. And really I would like it to be "built into" the world instead of only in game. I have tried to figure it out but it is beyond my capabilities I would also like to have custom whether if that is a thing. Would anyone be willing to make custom water and lighting files that I can put in my world? Would really appreciate it Also 1 other quick question, I "linked" 2 bridges together to make 1 long one, will it work in game? I can't get in the game to test it as for whatever reason my world will not export. Trying to figure it out but I don't want to go much further in my work if it isn't going to function.
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Didn't I see this question somewhere else as well?

Anyways I have a very short attention span, so this post is making me struggle. When it comes to weather and water it is a big job, however requests isn't allowed on this site. When it comes to brnttwaffles, you may post in the main discussion forum at the top, in the wcif or "where can I find" subforum. If someone has it, or if you can find something similar elsewhere.

What do you mean by linked together? Do you have pictures?
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