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Latest News Theme catch-up 4th Nov 2019 at 5:01 PM EST

Well, folks, our Mid-century theme was a rousing success! Some great modern architecture, atomic era flare, and even a moon landing! We'll be handing out stickers today, so stay tuned.

To wrap up the year, as requested, we are doing a Theme Catch-up. ... read more

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SimPE question - why is it pulling these private dialog strings? 13th Nov 2019 5:36 AM EST
How to 3D Edit Faces (Yes, Really!) 12th Nov 2019 10:40 PM EST
How to create perfect sims using Facegen!!! (Yeah, it's real!!!) 12th Nov 2019 10:31 PM EST
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Non-default manga for sims 2 9th Nov 2019 11:10 PM EST
Are memories ordered earliest to latest, or latest to earliest? 5th Nov 2019 11:09 AM EST
Tutorial: Recatagorizing Maxis Content - Clothing 31st Oct 2019 9:16 PM EDT
Creativity Forums:
The Medieval Charter Challenge *New!* Luxury Version 3.0* Yesterday 6:59 PM EST
The Test of Time Challenge 12th Nov 2019 5:45 PM EST
Pleasantview Epic Challenge 28th Oct 2019 6:19 PM EDT
The Homemaker Challenge- REALLY HARD 28th Oct 2019 3:12 PM EDT
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 26th Oct 2019 11:26 AM EDT
ChangeLotZoning 22nd Oct 2019 1:41 PM EDT
The Aristocratic Challenge 16th Oct 2019 7:41 PM EDT
Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!) 12th Oct 2019 8:38 PM EDT
Avatar: The Last Witch/Vampire/Werewolf/PlantSim 30th Sep 2019 2:59 PM EDT
NPC Babies Challenges 29th Sep 2019 3:25 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) 12th Nov 2019 12:50 PM EST
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! 5th Nov 2019 10:44 PM EST
The Homeless Heiress Challenge 3rd Nov 2019 7:31 PM EST
100 Baby Challenge - Casanova Edition 25th Oct 2019 3:09 PM EDT
Post Apocalyptic World Rebuild Challenge 14th Oct 2019 10:32 AM EDT
The Banished Build a City Challenge 12th Oct 2019 9:41 AM EDT
The Tropico Challenge (Must Have IP) 9th Oct 2019 8:00 PM EDT
Divide and Conquer Legacy Challenge (Testers Needed) 2nd Oct 2019 10:33 PM EDT
Go to Jail! 1st Oct 2019 9:53 AM EDT
The Reaper Challenge 1st Oct 2019 9:42 AM EDT
The Castaway Challenge! 13th Nov 2019 6:08 PM EST
The Sims 4! From Rags to Riches Mega Challenge! 13th Nov 2019 3:00 PM EST
Box of Chocolates Random Legacy Challenge [Updated for City Living] 12th Nov 2019 10:01 AM EST
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs 11th Nov 2019 3:01 PM EST
The Decades Challenge -REBOOTED- 10th Nov 2019 12:40 AM EST
The Mafia Family challenge (Sims 4 Edition) 3rd Nov 2019 6:06 PM EST
Big Sister Challenge Revamp 28th Oct 2019 1:39 PM EDT
The Dynasty Challenge 21st Oct 2019 8:35 PM EDT
Haunted Scout Camp Challenge 21st Oct 2019 5:50 AM EDT
Spells & Cauldrons - Legacy Challenge. 22nd Sep 2019 6:56 AM EDT
Creator Feedback Forums:
In Testing: Improved "Stop Inviting yourself in!" 12th Nov 2019 9:01 PM EST
Stubbly chest hair / Shaved chest custom hair 2nd Nov 2019 12:32 PM EDT
Not Enough Teen Townies For Custom Neighborhood 27th Oct 2019 9:18 AM EDT
Harry Potter sims 9th Oct 2019 11:25 AM EDT
Maxis Wallpaper Button-Up Shirts for Female Sims 5th Oct 2019 7:23 AM EDT
A TS3 Snow replacement and enhanced mod 13th Nov 2019 3:00 PM EST
Newport, a city version of Bridgeport.. 2nd Nov 2019 6:56 PM EDT
Lots, locations, sets, Sims and stuff for the world of BRIDGEPORT'88 2nd Nov 2019 2:59 PM EDT
Modern House Improvement tips? 2nd Nov 2019 11:25 AM EDT
Grand Admiral Thrawn Sim (Star Wars: Rebels) 21st Oct 2019 5:27 PM EDT